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Dentist Warsaw Mokotów

Dentist Książenice

We cordially invite you to the Eight Dental Clinic. We offer a wide range of dental services. Starting from
prevention, through conservative treatments and aesthetic dentistry, endodontics and dental surgery.


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Are you thinking about a beautiful and healthy smile?

Dental Clinic

Warsaw Mokotów

Our dental clinic based in Warsaw district Mokotów is targeting to provide best services at the highest level of comfort and caring of our patients. In the Clinic at Smyczkowa Street in Warsaw, we provide professional diagnostics, prevention, teeth treatment and periodontal diseases. We also provide aesthetic dentistry treatments, such as any other areas of dentistry, so we can offer optimal and
comprehensive treatment for every patient who is looking for our support.

Our clinic located in Mokotów and second location in Książenice will make this dream come true.

We offer a full range of dental services with our main objective - painless dental treatment. We offer prevention solutions, conservative and aesthetic treatment, endodontics, dental surgery, children treatment, and prosthetic tooth reconstruction. We provide our service in English language. We care about the highest quality of all services we offered. We try to help every patient in need by making a nice and calm atmosphere, because we know that for some patients a visit in dental clinic can involve a lot of stress.

We cordially invite you,
Katarzyna Cieśla-Bartczak, Monika Łęcka - Eight Dental Clinic Warsaw Mokotów


Surgical removal of wisdom teeth

Eights, or wisdom teeth, have lost their original function during the course of evolution. They sometimes cause discomfort during eruption, but can also lead to distortions in the position of the remaining teeth. To prevent this process, wisdom teeth can be removed under local anesthesia, which reduces the unpleasant symptoms associated with the procedure. By use of appropriate tools and excellent experience proven technique, we perform wisdom teeth extraction efficiently focused on patients comfort.

Root canal treatment under the microscope

Also called as endodontics. Root canal treatment under a microscope allows to professionally and precisely remove the infected dental pulp and treat periapical tissues. We know that many patients are afraid of root canal treatment. For this reason, we use a specialized microscope that allows us to carefully examine the diseased area. Thanks to that, we can reduce pain and speed up the procedure, and increase its effectiveness and speed up the entire treatment.


This is an area of dentistry, dealing with the treatment of periodontal and mucosus membrane diseases, as well as their prevention. Inflammation around the tooth, so gums, periodontium, cementum and alveolar bone, is very often manifested by bleeding, so it has to be alert watching similar signals. It is estimated that as many as eight out of ten people suffer from this type of disease. Their effects can result a serious consequences - they are one of the most common causes of tooth loss. The patient can avoid these consequences thanks to early periodontal treatment.

Painless treatment for adults and children

Conservative dentistry includes treatment related to tooth decay. These are basic and crucial dental procedures that directly affect the condition of our teeth. In addition to conservative dentistry, we also provide preventive care - hygienisation, sandblasting, tartar removal (scaling) and a number of other treatments to enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile for a long time.


Dental implantology is a modern method of restoring a lost teeth, that brings many benefits to patients. Thanks to dental implants, you can enjoy permanent, long-lasting teeths that look and function exactly like natural ones. This solution eliminates problems with removable dentures and allows you to feel fully confident while eating, talking and smiling. Implants not only improve the aesthetics of your smile, but also support your oral health by helping to maintain proper bone structure. It is an investment in long-term quality of life and comfort.

Medical Dermapen 4.0

Dermapen 4.0 is a revolutionary treatment that takes our skin revitalization to a new level. Using the most modern micro-needling technology, Dermapen 4.0 stimulates the natural production of collagen, reduces wrinkles and improves skin elasticity. It is a safe and effective method of skin rejuvenation that minimizes discomfort and ensures a quick return to daily activities. With Dermapen 4.0 you will achieve smooth, younger and radiant skin without the need of surgical interventions.

Our Services

Why is it worth choosing us?

A beautiful dentist with a fabulous smile
What distingushes us is our commitment.
We take care of our patients at every stage of treatment - from the first visit to the last.

We take care to explain diagnosed problem, provide available treatment strategies and the scope of activities related to prevent further disorders.

Our services are comprehensive. Aesthetic dentistry, root canal treatment, dental surgery, prosthetics, orthodontics, prevention - our clinic takes care of teeth in a holistic way, which is why we can carry out the entire treatment process for adults and children in EIGHT Dental Clinic.

Our priority is to maintain maximum professionalism during treatment process, so our dentists work together to solve the problems occured.

We work together to find the best solution for a specific patient's ailments. If a specialist in another field is needed (e.g. prosthodontist, orthodontist or surgeon), we create a strategy together.

Thanks to our excellent team, we can offer attractive dates, so you don't have to wait long for appointments. Moreover, the costs of treatments can be divided into installments.




ul. Modzelewskiego 32
02-679 Warsaw

Tel: +48   786-240-785


Al. Eustachego Marylskiego 96/5, 05-825 Książenice

Tel: +48   888-617-077


MON-FRI 9:00 – 21:00,

SAT 9:00 – 14:00

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