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Dental surgery

Dental surgery is a field of dentistry dealing with surgical treatment of the oral cavity and adjacent areas (including the jaw, mandible, tongue). It can be a complement to prosthetic, endodontic or orthodontic treatment.

In our Clinic, we perform a number of dental surgery procedures, creating a comprehensive treatment plan and ensuring patient safety. Our task is to provide professional and effective treatment that directly restores the quality of life of people with various oral diseases. All procedures are performed under local anesthesia, and in special cases also under general anesthesia.

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What treatments do we make as part of dental surgery in Warsaw?

Dental surgery procedures are most often associated with tooth extraction. Indeed, this is the task that a dental surgeon performs most often, but the treatment also applies to other diseases.


In our clinic you will receive treatments such as:


tooth extraction - such as wisdom teeth, milk teeth, also teeth impacted in the dental arch


tooth chiseling – in cases where traditional extraction cannot be performedi


root apex resection or removal of part of the roots of a multi-rooted tooth - root apex resection may protect against tooth extraction


sinus lift – lifting the floor of the maxillary sinus


revealing impacted teeth


cyst removal


correction and treatment of soft tissues


connections with the maxillary sinus


treatment of complicated orofacial abscesses and fistulas


removal of benign mucosal lesions such as fibromas, papillomas, mucoceles or epulis


cutting frenulums


preparation of the oral cavity for treatment in other fields of dentistry.

These are just some of the surgical procedures we offer. As you can see, the duties of a dental surgeon include more than just tooth extractions. This is a specialization that requires specific knowledge and comprehensive preparation, which often goes hand in hand with other fields of dentistry. In the case of more complicated diseases, we work as a team, sharing experience and competences to find a solution to your problem.


Why is it worth using the services of our dental surgeons?

Dental surgery often arouses fear among patients, even when it involves surgical tooth extraction. However, professionalism and professional preparation are enough to provide treatment without pain and unnecessary anxiety. 

Our clinic operates in a comprehensive manner. Dental surgery is often combined with other fields of dentistry, so the dentist has the support of other specialists at his disposal. Thanks to this, we can create strategies that bring effective solutions to many problems.


A dental surgeon with many years of experience, such as you will meet in our clinic, is responsible for ensuring that the procedures are pain-free. For this reason, each procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and in special cases - also under general anesthesia. We believe that an individual approach and focus on the patient's needs help reduce unpleasant symptoms and fear before the visit.


On this website you can check what kind of equipment our dental clinic has. Surgery requires the use of modern tools and technologies, thanks to which the treatment is efficient and painless. We know the devices we work with very well and we fully use their potential.


We provide all treatments with commitment, regardless of their level of difficulty and complexity. We focus on the patient's needs in every situation.


Every dentist in our office has the task of protecting the patient not only from pain, but also from fear. We believe it is very important to thoroughly explain to the patient what the procedure involves and what to expect. The patient is our partner during treatment process.


We start with advanced diagnostics. Before the doctor decides on a specific form of treatment, we focus on thoroughly examining the problem and examining the possibilities. We perform various X-rays and also provide additional tests.


If you are looking for professional help that will allow you to permanently free yourself from your disease, visit our clinic in Mokotów district!


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