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Dermapen - anti-aging treatment Warsaw

Everyone dreams of smooth and beautiful skin. Skin condition is extremely important. The skin is our calling card and it often determines the first impression that we make on our interlocutor. If it is clean and well-groomed, we will be perceived as well-behaved and trustworthy, while if it is rough and dirty, it will speak to our detriment. So if you care about the condition of your skin, read on and learn about a great anti-aging treatment - Dermapen.

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Dermapen - what is it and why is it used?

Dermapen is a cosmetic device that looks like a pen and is used to perform an effective anti-aging cosmetology treatment. Tiny punctures are made with Dermapen, after which the skin regenerates faster and more effectively. This is one of the best and most precise methods available on the market. This treatment is used to improve the appearance and quality of the skin. For example, to get rid of wrinkles, scars or dry skin.

Dermapen for face

In this treatment, micro-punctures are made with a depth of 0.5 to 3 mm. In this way, nourishing and firming substances are applied to the skin, stimulating them and thus encouraging the skin to regenerate more effectively. This treatment increases the production of elastin and the reconstruction of collagen fibers.

What effects can you expect from Dermapen facial treatment? First of all, your skin will be rejuvenated and cleansed, giving it a fresh look. Her condition and tension will also improve. In addition, Dermapen will restore it’s natural color and reduce wrinkles and scars.

Dermapen under the eyes

The skin under the eyes is very sensitive and delicate. Any damage or changes in its appearance cannot be repaired by ordinary or even the best cosmetics you can buy. Moreover, this part of the skin reflects our condition. It is affected by stress or tiredness.

The Dermapen treatment, of course, involves making micro-punctures with very thin needles. Direct application of special nutrients will provide your skin with an immediate effect. As a result, the skin under the eyes becomes more moisturized and wrinkles are smoothed out.

Dermapen for scars

Scars are a very common condition that is difficult to deal with. However, thanks to Dermapen this is now possible. Your skin will become smoother and wrinkles will become lighter and shallower. This treatment can be used on various types of scars, for example: post-operative scars, acne scars, post-traumatic scars, smallpox scars or cesarean section scars. In the case of small and shallow scars, it is possible to neutralize them completely. In the case of larger wounds, their reduction and shallowing are certain. After this treatment, the skin also becomes smoother and regains its natural color. Getting rid of scars is not only an aesthetic procedure. When you decide on it, you will definitely increase the comfort of your life and self-confidence.

Dermapen for stretch marks

Thanks to this treatment, you will rebuild collagen fibers, stimulate the production of elastin and begin to stimulate fibroblasts. This will increase the density of the skin, which in turn will smooth out stretch marks. Stretch marks become shallower thanks to a significant improvement in skin quality. The treatment will help you deal with stretch marks on the belly after pregnancy and weight loss, on the buttocks, arms, breasts and thighs. The effect of Dermapen treatments is deep regeneration of the skin, increasing its density and tension, and consequently smoothing and reducing stretch marks and restoring the natural skin color.

Dermapen - indications

Dermapen is a treatment that will improve the condition of your skin in many aspects. If you have one of the following indications, it is worth considering this treatment. Indications for Dermapen treatment:

  • wrinkles and furrows

  • dry skin

  • loose or sagging skin

  • tired and gray skin

  • skin capillaries

  • bruises or dark circles under the eyes

  • enlarged pores

  • uneven skin color

  • postoperative and acne scars

  • abdominal stretch marks after pregnancy and weight loss

  • stretch marks on arms, thighs and buttocks

  • stretch marks after the gym

  • baldness.

Dermapen - contraindications 

The Dermapen treatment also has several serious contraindications. Of course, the cosmetologist interviews the patient before the procedure, but there are several contraindications that we can recognize ourselves. Here are some of the most important ones that exclude undergoing Dermapen treatment:

  • pregnancy and lactation period

  • cancer

  • active herpes

  • active acne

  • other dermatological diseases

Effects of the Dermapen treatment:

Dermapen is currently the most effective skin treatment. It is also completely safe. The effects of the Dermapen treatment are visible after just a few visits to the beauty salon. Dermapen treatment provides the following effects:

  • reconstruction of collagen fibers and skin regeneration

  • reduction of deep wrinkles and furrows

  • reduction of wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes

  • strengthening and firming of the skin

  • brightening and illuminating the skin

  • reduction of stretch marks

  • scar reduction

  • strengthening hair bulbs and preventing hair loss

Dermapen - how many treatments are needed?

The number of Dermapen treatments depends on the effects of the treatment. Certainly it is always several visits. Most often, a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8.

Does Dermapen treatment hurt?

The Dermapen treatment is not very burdensome. Before the puncture, an anesthetic is administered to alleviate any discomfort and possible pain.

Dermapen 4.0 Warsaw - Price List 

  • 1 area (face) 700zł

  • 2 areas (face + neck) 1200zł

  • 3 areas (face + neck + cleavage) 1500zł

Dermapen treatment at EIGHT Clinic - trust our specialists
If you feel uncomfortable "in your skin", don't be afraid to take the right first step and come to us. We are specialists in this field and can take care of the customer at the highest possible level. We will dispel all your doubts on the spot and make your skin more beautiful than ever!

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